Salesforce Improvements You Should Vote For

Ability to build custom related list in Visualforce Currently if you want to have a related list on a page whose list data is a subset of that object's data (for example, you want a related list of only grants rather than all opportunities) you need to build the control from scratch yourself. While this is not too cumbersome at a basic level, re-writing pagination from scratch is quite complex - and frankly a bit of a waste of time. Additionally, your custom related list will never appear in the upper hover area. It would be great if the related list tag could take a custom SOQL query and only display those objects. Even if it's only possible to do a filter on recordtype, that would be extremely useful. Many of our clients are asking for this. Something like: lt relatedlist list="Opportunity" recordType="Grant, Donation" rendered="true" /gt or even better: lt relatedlist list=Opportunity" recordType="Application" whereClause="stageName='Rejected'" rendered="true" /gt (with proper character escaping) p.s. your editor just erased my sample tags the first time through! Hence the lt and gt instead of the actual characters. thanks! Sara
Ability to change edit page buttons - e.g. get rid of "Save & New" button It would be great to be able to change the buttons available to users on the edit page. Sometimes it is not appropriate to have the "save and new" button visible for example.
Ability to choose running users personal settings for currency in reports When creating a report, in the step "Select criteria" under "Advance settings" you have the possibility to choose currency. In this pick list we would like to have an added value, which is the possibility to choose the local currency settings from the running user of the report, which is stated under in the Personal settings for each user.
Ability to Set Profile Permissions When Adding a New Object When adding a new object, the permissions are set to Read/Create/Edit/Delete for every profile. We should be able to set these permissions as the object is added, rather than being forced to go into every profile individually to edit this setting.
Activity Type in custom reports With the release of Summer '07, we're able to create custom report types which is great. However functionality available in some of the standard reports are not available in the custom report type. The one that is impacting us is when creating Activity custom reports. There is a field called Type, that if selected displays numbers rather than the picklist values that are available through the UI. Activity reports built off of the standard report types do not have this limitation. Without the type of activity displayed with the picklist text users are familiar with, custom activity reports can not be used by us.

(I wrote up a workaround for this problem.)
Add a "Treat Blank Fields 0" option to Process Builder formulas.A lot of people are having to write convoluted if then formulas trying to catch null values in their fields in process builder formulas.

It would be really useful if there was a "Treat Null values as 0" option in the formula editor so that you could just skip worrying about it.
Additional (easier) options for VisualForce Security detail page It would be nice if there were some additional options at the VisualForce page level for security. A large percentage of the time we deploy applications to our entire group of internal users. Adding an option or two to allow automatic sharing of a page to all internal users or globally (including portal) would be beneficial. In addition to making deployment of company wide applications much easier, this would also make the addition of new profiles a much easier process.
Allow de-activation of Apex triggers in production Currently, there is no way to de-activate an Apex trigger in production. Please allow this. This may be required in a variety of situations: * A new bug is found, causing an unhandled exception. You want users to be able to continue saving records that cause the exception, while you troubleshoot the bug in a dev/sandbox environment. * You want to do a mass data load and specifically need to de-activate the trigger behavior for the mass load (this is a fairly common scenario in relational DB's).
Allow Record-Locking Users have a number of suggestions for how Salesforce ought to records to be locked (eg, to prevent simultaneous edits; to close Opportunities; to protect from changes), in a number of different environments (while editing through the UI; via API; via Apex). Vote for them!
Allow Workflow Tasks to be assigned to Related User When configuring a Workflow Task, provide the same assignment options as are available under Workflow Alert (email). In other words, would be great to be able to reference and assign tasks to a user as determined by "Related User" fields.
Analytic Snapshot Test Button Would be nice if we could setup an Analytic Snapshot and run a test on the config. Only option now is to establish a standard schedule. Pushing a test button would be a nice feature.
Auto-enable "Update Tab Names" and/or "Synchronize my data" when logging in offline Make it possible for administrators to have the "Update Tab Names" and/or "Synchronize my data" checkboxes checked by default when logging in to Offline. Thanks! 
Automate Frequently-Needed Feature Requests Please remove the human factor from frequently-needed feature requests!

Support could pretty easily set up a portal where administrators would
  1. submit requests for common feature activations (eg, multi-currency, audit fields, default product price & quantity), 
  2. read about the repercussions such feature activation entails, 
  3. accept or decline, and 
  4. GET THE FEATURE ACTIVATED, quickly, with a minimum of further human intervention, if they choose "accept" in step 3. 

Come on guys, this isn't hard. And it would save a lot of time for everyone.
Automatically convert reports when field type is changed from Lookup to Master-D I would like to see the processing behind "Change Field Type" include all changes necessary to reports and any other process that uses the field. For example when changing a custom object Lookup field to Master/Detail to take advantage of roll up summary fields in Summer '07, I found that all the reports we have that were built based on the report data type of the custom object with the lookup object can no longer be run.
Automatically enable new profiles to existing Apex Class security option On occasion, we have a need to create a new profile. When we do, it becomes a hassle finding which Apex Class security settings need to be updated to include the new profile. In many of our cases, Apex Classes should be run by all of our profiles. It would be nice to have a setting on the security page that allows us to stipulate that any newly created profile should be automatically enabled for a certain Apex Class. Here is a proposed solution...
Buddy Access - Easy way of sharing owned data in Salesforce It would be very helpful to have a functionality in SFDC for individual users to grant a colleague or co-worker some kind of buddy access. In our organization we experience the challange when sales representatives for whatever reason are out of office e.g. vacation, sickness, that someone needs to step in and back up and would require access to the account/contact and opportunity data of this person. At the moment this can only be done through account sharing or adding someone to the account/sales team which is quite a manual effort. Through a buddy access, a user should be able just to define another user in order to grant access (read only or read/write)to his/her owned data.
Change Content Owner Once an item has been posted to Content, it's not (currently) possible to assign it to another user. Please make it possible for Content to be reassigned! 
Conditional Display for Custom Buttons I want to hide a custom button under certain conditions. For example, if I could specify a formula in the button definition, if this formula evaluated to true then the button would appear, but if false the button would be hidden. At the moment when I add a custom button to a page the button is alwasy present and there is no way to make it hide. This causes issues if the button is pressed when it is not appropriate to press it.
Content Workflow Please provide workflow / approval processes in Content.
Create Report Based on a SOQL Query I would really like to have the option in Salesforce to create a report straight from a SOQL query. This would be excellent for those more complex reports where the Custom Report Types are not good enough, example for queries that use the NOT IN clause. 
Custom calculations on reports - at the row level (not summary) Allow creating custom fields that perform calculations when a report is run. Examples would be to calculate the number of days since an open opportunity was updated, instead of just listing the date, or the number of days since a use last logged on, etc.
Custom Summary Report Formulas - Reference other formula summary fields By being able to reference other summary fields in Custom Summary Formulas, it would be possible to get much better analytics (like cumlative/running totals) in reports rather than having to export to Excel.
Display Count of Mass Emails Sent and Remaining for the Day Allow users to see how many mass emails have been sent and how many remain for the day, as well as when the 24-hour period for the 1000-email limit expires. This will allow users to be more strategic (or at least less surprised or inconvenienced) when they want to take the best advantage of the 1000 mass email limit per day.
Edit All Field Labels in the Same Place If I want to edit a standard field's label, I have do it through the "Rename Tabs and Labels" interface. Being able to also do it through the "Fields" interface would be convenient. 
Eliminate Need for Master-Detail Relationship for Roll-ups I want to be able to have a roll-up for any related object regardless if there is a Master-Detail relationship. If the object is linked to another object, then it should be able to roll-up. 
Enable Admins to Write Custom Formula Functions with Apex It would be amazing to enable coding admins (those who can code Apex) to help out non-coding admins by allowing them to create custom formula functions which utilize more powerful logic branching than is available with the standard formula functions.
Enhanced "Login As" Functionality - Simulation Mode Admins could troubleshoot issues: No record changes made while troubleshooting in "Simulation Mode" would be committed

End users could train: During a "Simulation Mode" session, no edits to existing records, or new recordswould be saved as actual records
Export option on Developer console in Query Editor. Currently we have a Query editor in the developer console . After executing the query we can able to see the records in list of rows.In that If we have option to export those result in an .csv file it will be great.
Export report details in a real Excel file (the current format is only in HTML) After pressing the button [Export Details] on each Report, you will be asked to choose the export format between CSV or Excel.

When user choose Excel, actually the exported xls file is NOT a real Excel file.
Flow - "List" field type Screen element to display results for a Record Lookup Currently when you perform a record lookup using visual workflow you are restricted to only being able to display a single field from the records found. It would be very useful if there was a "list" field type that could be added to a screen that allowed you to specify a number of fields to be displayed for the records found. 
Field Update - Lookup Field! I would like the ability to have a workflow field update, update a Lookup (reference) field.
Flow - "List" field type Screen element to display results for a Record Lookup Currently when you perform a record lookup using visual workflow you are restricted to only being able to display a single field from the records found. It would be very useful if there was a "list" field type that could be added to a screen that allowed you to specify a number of fields to be displayed for the records found. 
Frequency Reports from Multi-Select Picklists Multi-select picklists allow more than one value to be selected by the user, and the total number of possible combinations increases rapidly with each additional value available in the picklist.

If you create a report that summarises data by the content of a multi-select picklist, Salesforce will report on each combination of picklist values in turn. This is no doubt useful in some contexts, but it would also be helpful to have a simple frequency report that merely counts the number of times each picklist value was selected.
Global "Smart Search" not very smart If there are actually search results WHY does the result screen show all the objects with no results (image on right) and force a user to click Show All to see the results (image on left). It's not "smart" at all to force users to either use the pin feature or constantly click Search All...if I'm a user and I'm using global search I want to search all, all the time!
Handle Decimals Better Users have a number of suggestions for how Salesforce ought to allow or display numbers with decimals more capably, particularly in Dashboard Gauges and currency fields. Vote your conscience!
Increase the limit on the number of reports a user can subscribe to The new report subscription feature is really nice, but only being able to subscribe to 5 reports is not helpful.  Most users who want to subscribe to reports want to do this for at least 10 - 15 reports. I'm not sure why the limit is hard-coded to be 5 but having a higher limit (like 25?) would be much appreciated.
Inline Editing for Related Lists The recently announced Winter 08 feature - Inline Editing - is a fantastic advancement for the user interface. However, it appears that this functionality will only be available for the record detail section when Winter 08 goes live. It would be a slam-dunk if the inline editing feature was also supported on a record's related lists. Conceptually, it would be really efficient (not to mention cool) if, from an Account detail screen, I could change the stage of an opportunity to "Closed/Won" in the related list and then - without changing screens - update the Account Type from "Prospect" to "Customer." Sound-off here with other examples of inline editing for related lists.
Inline Editing Needed for Lightning UI With the new Lightning UI, inline editing is no longer available.  I LOVE inline editing (as do my users) so would sincerely appreciate this being added to the roadmap for the new UI.
Intelligent Related Lists (Filterable by Admin) Currently we have the option to list associated objects in a related list. What would improve effectiveness is: -the possibility to have more than one related list per object -the possiblity to filter results displayed in a particular related list e.g. 1. one list of opportunities and another list for won opportunities e.g. 2. a list of contacts that is filtered on record type so that only people with decision making level are reflected e.g. 3. a custom object that references invoices... one list for unpaid invoices and another for fully paid invoices.
Lightning UI needs to support CTRL/COMMAND + CLICK (open link in new tab) The Lightning user interface does not support the CTRL+CLICK (windows) or COMMAND + CLICK (OSX) method of opening a link in a new tab. This is a nightmare for those of us who often need to open 15+ records at a time when we are drilling for information or analyzing a bunch of records.

It's a minor thing, but important for our sanity!
Limit API Access to specified clients Currently, if a user has API Access, say, for the Outlook Connector, they are wide open to use any other API-based external tool such as Data Loader. I can't turn off API Access since we need Outlook; but I don't want users loading lists of imports/updates. Having the ability to define which 'clients' are allowed via the API would let us provide access when needed and still protect our orgs from accidental damage.
List View Fields in alphabetical order It would be really nice to have all the fields in alphabetical order when create the views. Currently all the fields are grouped into standard and custom, after that alphabetically. Well, here are some news for USERS DO NOT CARE IF IT IS STANDARD OR CUSTOM FIELD. I am tired explaining my users, that this is something controls. Please, fix it. This is just not user friendly.
Make Account Owner Report Customizable The Account Owner Report is great because it allows my users to find an Account anywhere in the organization, regardless whether they have access to it or not. It would be useful if the Account Owner Report could be customized to show such fields as
• Account Site
• Billing Address
• Has Opportunities
• Mailing Address
• [Other Fields] 
Make Account Search Results Consistent Searching for Accounts can be inconsistent. If I have the Account Owner Report enabled within my Salesforce instance, its results differ from Salesforce's standard Search results. I should get the same Account results whether I run my search from the Account Owner Report or the Search box.
Make Converted Amount field available in formulas and data validation I am trying to set up a data validation rule to capture certain information when an Opportunity reaches Closed Won and is over a certain amount. However, we sell in multiple currencies, so I would like to create one rule based on our corporate currency. Currently, this does not seem to be possible, so I'll have to create a separate statement in the rule for each currency and update the amount based on the exchange rate if it fluctuates significantly.
Make currency exchange rates available in formulas We desperately need a way to create formulas that convert an opportunity's amount into the Corporate currency using the current exchange rate, so that we can fire tasks and alerts when certain criteria on the opportunity are met. I was shocked to find that while we can easily get this information in reports, it is not made available for formulas. The big deal alert just won't do the job.
Make Tagging Consistent Tags on records like Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities behave one way; tags on Content behave a different way.

Please make all tags behave the same way!
Make Time-Based workflow triggers honor the Business Hours setting Contrary to what a Salesforce employee mentioned in Idea Exchange item #3470, Time-based workflow triggers were released WITHOUT honoring the business hours setting, but instead is completely calendar based. While having multiple calendar support based on other criteria would be nice, at the very least it should support the Business Hours setting as do Escalations, with the option to ignore them for appropriate time-based actions. Having this option would, at the very least, support more sophisticated business rules such as when a case is put into a "Confirm Resolved" status, have a time-based workflow that would trigger 8 business hours later which would automatically close the case. This would support the rule that you do not close cases, but instead put them in a special status awaiting the customer to comment, and if there is no comment then go ahead and close. Not having this honor business hours means the workflow trigger could end up prematurely closing cases on a Saturday if there are no business hours provided on weekends.

Please make all tags behave the same way!
New Fields - add to Custom Report Types Love Custom Reports! Managing them would be far easier if there was the ability to choose whether a new field (being created) should be added to any/all Custom Report types where the object the field is being created in, exists.
Next Release Theme: the salesforce Core Salesforce has been busy rolling out entire new domains of features/functionality over the last few releases (Cloud 2's, Sites, Chatter, Quotes, Entitlements, blah blah...). I feel it's time that the next release (or the one after that) should focus on the CORE.

I'm talking about a release that focuses on updating or "touching" on old school features like Contact Roles, Opportunity Products, Product Schedules, Customizable Forecasting, Lead Conversion, Home Page Task Views, Tab Layouts,....stuff that's ancient and that needs some love!
Officially Support and Update the Excel Connector Just about anyone who uses extensively or manages a lot of data in finds the Excel Connector to be an INVALUABLE tool, and crucial to making management of data in an efficient undertaking. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make the Excel Connector a FREE and SUPPORTED desktop application, perhaps even integrated with the "Connect for Office" application. Also, please allow one version of the Excel Connector to support all editions of (Group, Professional, Enterprise, etc.). With so many of your customers relying on this application to manage their data, it is detrimental to your customer satisfaction ratings to not officially support and update the Excel Connector.
Officially-Supported URL Formats When coding, it's often handy to point at a Salesforce URL:
"/[RecordID]" or
"/001" or

The problem is that some of these URLs are supported--I think "/[RecordID]" and "/001" are unlikely to change--while some of these are NOT supported, and could change at any time.

Please publish a list of the URL formats that are officially supported. Thanks!
Only Show Joined Report Results for Records on both Sides I would like to see the ability to choose if joined reports could show Joined Report results for groupings with records on both sides.
Process Builder - Ability to define field updates as BEFORE or AFTER INSERT Provide the ability to specify whether a process should run its updates as BEFOREINSERT or AFTERINSERT.
Process Builder: Error messages Process Builder works great, but when there is a validation error or any other error, it doesn't provide the much information to user and user will never know how to resolve that issue.

Admin gets an email for this exception with the proper message, but if we can improve the error messages for the end user also, that would be great.
Profile Management Improvement - Restrict User to Login via Browser End users are able to get tools like Excel Connector, etc in the web End users are able to connect to SFDC using these tools and update the data. This will affect the data integrity in SFDC.

It is not possible to turn on Connect for Office & API and restrict other tools like excel connector, etc

Profile management should be improved to restrict users to login via browser only. Also it should be possible to allow connection via certain tools only.
Radical UI Idea: List View drop down options from Tabs An option to get quicker access to tab list views (standard or custom) could be to build a subtle drop down option link (arrow) on each tab in the interface. Just a few extra pixels is all that's needed.
Reference Object fields when setting default values When setting a default value for any field on a specific object, I cannot reference that object within the formula. However this can be referenced when using a field update with workflow. This seems like I am creating a whole lot of workflow for for a function that should be standardized.
Related lists filterable by user It would be fine if the user has the ability to filter a related list. Some related lists has a huge amount of records, but only a certain group are interesting for the user. It would be sufficient if the administrator could at least define one field on the related list which is filterable by the user.
Related List Sorting - More than one choice Currently related lists can only be sorted by one field. This should be increased to more options to allow sorting levels. I'd suggest 3-5 different field selections, each being able to select Ascending or Descending.
Report on Field History Tracking for Detail Object in Master-Detail Relationship Add the ability to report on Field History Tracking for a detail object in a master-detail relationship. For instance, you have a custom object called Quotes and create a lookup field with a master-detail relationship to Accounts. You enable field history tracking on the Quotes object and would like to report on this data.
Reporting on Multi-Select Picklists When using a custom multi-select picklist as a filter criteria on reports you must know the exact spelling, etc. for the filter to work correctly. It would be a great time saver to have a pop up window appear with the available options.
Reporting on Scheduled Reports Please add a feature to allow administrators to run a report showing a list of all scheduled reports. We have several (read: too many) and having a simple way to see them all and through that clarity, manage them more effectively would help immensely.
Reports: We'd Love Groovier Header Rows The group header rows in Summary Reports can be frustrating; they're unnecessarily thick, and they don't alternate colors like detail rows can. How about making it possible to show group header rows the same way we can show detail rows--skinnier and more colorfully? 
Salesforce Mobile Support of Person Accounts We are not able to leverage on our mobile devices b/c person accounts are not supported. When will Salesforce Mobile support person accounts? should do virus scan on all the uploaded files should scan any document before it is uploaded into its infrastructure. It is always a possibility that someone which the organization uploads an infected document and shares it with another person within the organization and for any reason when this person downloads this infected file, they will end up infecting their system.

I agree most of the end users are already protected with Antivirus, but we all know that virus patches may not be latest on individual machine which can cause these virus to still get into our machine and infect it.
Schedule Reports as Attachments and add Adobe PDF, Excel Option The schedule report feature is nice but it would be great to have an option to have these reports as an Adobe PDF attachment. I run reports to our Executive Team and need them in an PDF format. Also, sometimes I also need to schedule reports to Excel where I need to do a little formatting before I send the report on to others.
Searching for Contacts by Account Name Although the new search/filter capabilities of the Spring '07 Release are great, there is a HUGE flaw. Now when you perform a sidebar or advanced search by Account Name, it will not search the database for Contacts that are associated to the Account. You will only be presented with matching Accounts, Leads, Opportunities and Activities. The only way for you to find Contacts at a particular Account, or across multiple Accounts of the same name, is to use Reports or Views. This is very inefficient for our users. The search capability needs to allow for searching on ALL key fields within the application, and the Account Name our Contacts are associated to should be one of those!
Send an Email: Make CC and BCC fields lookup fields for ANY Contact I find it very frustrating that the only way to add an email address to CC: or BCC: to a salesforce email is to manually type in the address or copy and paste it from another application.
Service Level Commitment for Data Exports If a Data Export can't run within a reasonable period of time (within, say, 48 hours), it's not reliable.

Support tells me that "sometimes export services may take over a week to complete".

One administrator's opinion: that's not a reasonable period of time.

Please commit to delivering a Data Export reliably.
SF Content: Add preview thumbnails in search result list + add language iconHi, a) Can we please have preview thumbnails in the search result list in the content module? This would help to find correct images or documents without opening the item. b) Can you please add more space between each row. Today its a bit hard to read the text. c) Can you add some sort of language icon to display the language of the document. Making the thumbnail image optional would be best when viewing the list without description text and tag information. Thanks.
Show at the Top of Each IdeaExchange Page: "What We're Doing with Your Feedback" Add a "What We're Doing with Your Feedback" section to the top of EVERY IdeaExchange page that lists
  • Delivery Date (where possible)
  • Link to Suggested Workaround and/or Third-Party App (where possible)
  • Link to Discussion Group with Appropriate Product Manager
The update listed at the top of is a step in the right direction. Please standardize, and expand on, that kind of responsiveness!