Presentations for Salesforce Data Geeks

Applied Data Quality My Dreamforce presentation from 2007; covers data cleansing (slides 7-28) and managing data loads (slides 29-54).
Bigger and Better Data for Healthy CRM in 2010 January 2010 webinar for Group Edition and Professional Edition customers I gave with Premier Support's Ananth Sivakumar. It's got a little of everything: high-level concepts followed by live demos of Data Migration, Data Management, and Data De-Dupe. Here's the presentation for Enterprise/Unlimited Edition Salesforce customers.
Data Done Right My Dreamforce presentation from 2010, presented with's Brian Wiebe. Covers Moving Data, Cleaning Data, and Managing Large Data Volumes.
Data Import How-Tos YouTube videos created by explaining the conceptual basics, and especially handy if you're Excel-centric.
"How Do I...?" Videos Sales Engineer Alex Zarowny has posted over 30 short videos walking through administrator procedures like creating a simple Workflow Rule, creating a Report, and renaming Tabs.
Salesforce Quick Tips A selection of quick tips, time-savers, and tricks you can add to your Salesforce implementation today. Only four videos at the moment, but they're pretty good.
Wrangle Data & Pump Up the Configuration My Dreamforce presentation from 2008; covers lotsa tips & tricks.  Presented with X-Squared On Demand's David Schach. A recording is here (warning: the first 2 minutes and 14 seconds are inaudible).