File Size Limits

The size limits for the files that can be stored in Salesforce:

Upper Bound
Attachment 5 Mbat least 300 Mb
Chatter Attachment100 Mb2 Gb
 2 Gb
Document 5 Mb at least 300 Mb
Email Attachment  10 Mb
Email-to-Case (All Attachments)10 Mb 
Email-to-Case (Single Attachment)5 Mb 
Google Doc 10 Mb
Salesforce for Outlook (All Attachments)10 Mb  

  • Default size limits may be increased by submitting a case with Salesforce Support.
  • The "at least 300 Mb" is from personal experience. Once I know an official answer, I'll update the table accordingly.
  • Notes on working with Data Loader:
  • JC Whitfield originated this table. Tnx, dood!