Data Loader Improvements You Should Vote For

Apex Data Loader: Simplified Log In Anyone noticed you can't just press return after your password to Log In to the data loader. No it requires an unnecessary additional click of the mouse on Log In every time. Sorry this is just a wind-up when you use it intensively. Please, please update this ASAP.
DataLoader should have a setting for the CSV delimiter DataLoader should have a "setting" to allow it to use a different delimiter other than comma as Excel allows. At the very least, it should allow a different character other than comma. We receive files from others that have pipe symbols as a delimiter, but because the text could have embedded comma's, it makes it difficult to simply do a replace all. Also, they can't just drop the file into a folder. Manual intervention must be accomplished.
Enable External Keys on Polymorphic Fields As of API 15, a user can't give an external key to a polymorphic field when upserting records. It would be terrific if this functionality could be added. For example: let's say I have an Account with an external ID of "abc".
• if I want to load a Contact related to that Account, it's relatively easy! I can upsert that Contact and tell Data Loader that it's related to an Account with an external ID of "abc".
• if I want to load a Task related to an Account, the external-key option isn't available. The WhatID field on the Task object is polymorphic, so there's no way for me to load the Task until I look up the Account's specific Salesforce ID--and that's an extra, inconvenient step. 
Fix Data Loader - DL24 Crashes When Exporting Files Since version 17, Data Loader has been able to export Attachments, Content, and Documents.

But more-recent versions perform WORSE than v17:

  • they provide less feedback while exporting, and
  • crash.

See the attached pic: extracting the same set of Content, DL17 exports it successfully, while DL24 crashes.

Fix Settings window on Data Loader Data Loader has a very long Settings window. So long, that it doesn't fit on my 16" laptop (resolution is 1366x768). Here's a screenshot (i've even moved the start bar). Notice that the OK button is not even there..

Update, 2011-05-31: v21's Settings dialog now has a scrollbar, which is better-but-not-great. It'd be nicer if all the Settings fit on one screen (eg, by displaying the controls in two columns).
Improve Data Loader: Automatically Re-Login If Settings are Changed If I'd already logged in, please don't force me to re-login after changing my settings! 
Improve Data Loader: Better Error Messages Sometimes Data Loader gives cryptic error messages.

One example: When upserting Partners using the Data Loader with Bulk API, I receive the error message "No create/update access for object:Partner." This error message should mention that the Bulk API is causing the error.

I know there are similarly hard-to-discern error messages out there--please add them in the comments. Thanks!
Improve Data Loader: Customizable Success/Error File Naming Data Loader's success and error files' name are hard to read! Data Loader currently names its success and error files
1) without punctuation between the numbers,
2) only in MMDDYY format, and
3) using a 12-hour timestamp without designating AM or PM.

Please give Data Loader the ability to
1) put punctuation in success and error files' names,
2) arrange the month, date, and year values as we like, and
3) provide the timestamp in 24-hour format. 
Improve Data Loader: Make It Keyboard-Friendly For those of us who use keyboards to navigate Windows, Data Loader is keyboard-unfriendly. Please resolve the conflicting hotkeys, add hotkeys to all buttons, and fix the tab order on all dialogs. Thanks! 
Improve Data Loader: Put All File Locations on a Single Screen Instead of prompting me for a source CSV on one screen and a success-and-error-file directory on a different screen, make it easier by
1) showing both of those in the same place and
2) providing an option to sync those directories. 
Make Apex Data Loader login form have token and environment fields. I work with multiple orgs, some are production, some are sandbox.

I'd like to be able to login to any of them without having to go to the Settings form and editing the Server host. This is really annoying.

I'd also like to have a specific field to put my security token on the login page, separate from the password field. This would be much clearer for developers.

In short, this form should be like the one on IDE (eclipse).
The Apex Data Loader should support use of external IDs on UPDATEs Strangely it seems only the UPSERT option of the Apex Data Loader supports the use of External IDs for identifying the record to update. While the documentation infers you can do the same for the UPDATE option, it seems UPDATE only works with the internal ID. Odd to me because the logic between UPDATE and UPSERT must have many similiarities (at least on the update side of "upsert").

Give us the power to update instances of custom/core objects based on fields marked as External IDs!
User Field API "generate new password and notify user immediately" Can we get API name to update "generate new password and notify user immediately" on user record for mass upload or update operation. Sometimes we have to migrate the mass users to production org and update its username but without verification mail. If we can able to update the checkbox field on user using mass update by dataloader it will be really helpful. [See also my suggestion for an app that could do this.]
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