Synchronizer 2.0 is HERE

posted Jul 20, 2010, 11:02 PM by Ezra Kenigsberg
I just uploaded the latest Synchronizer to AppExchange.  Get it here!

I'm pleased with how Synchronizer is shaping up; in addition to the "GroupAssigner" capability that makes it easy to assign Users and Roles to Groups, I also put in an easy way to create new Users (all you need are email addresses), and started building out some reporting and extracting areas in Synchronizer I think can be mighty helpful (as always, feedback is quite welcome!).

Here's the list of changes:
--Added ability to import or link result tables
--Added "Custom Reports"
--Added "Extract Multiple Objects"
--Added GroupAssigner
--Added UserMaker
--Added "Run Selected SyncStepS" capability
--Added AutoFit of imported tables' fields
--Added ability to delete SyncSteps with Delete key
--Added ability to view associated table/query by double-clicking SyncStep
--Reformatted "Special Commands" section
--Improved "HideInvalidEmail" function
--Moved "Create Query" tab to "Create Query with FieldMapper" button
--Fixed "Create Query with FieldMapper" behavior
--Fixed keyboard navigation of SyncSteps listbox
--Fixed Database tab behavior

Thanks to Andy Ogdenoff for the "HideInvalidEmail" tip, and thanks to Sachin Chaudhari for his continued (and often coerced) testing!