Searching for related Content

posted Aug 4, 2011, 2:55 PM by Ezra Kenigsberg

#DataTipOfTheDay 2011-08-04

Q: "What Content is returned when I click the ‘Find Content’ button in the ‘Related Content’ related list?"

A: Content runs its search based on a defined set of built-in search fields and objects. This set is not customizable.
  • On an opportunity, the Opportunity Name, Account Name, and all competitors and products.
  • On an account, the Account Name and Industry.
  • On a case, the Case Reason, Subject, Account Name, and Industry.
  • On a lead, the Name, Company, Industry, and Title.
  • On a custom object, clicking Find Content returns search results that contain the full custom object name in the document's text or attributes. If no content meets this criterion, the search results will be empty and a Search All search should be used instead.