Salesforce's hidden delays

posted Aug 2, 2011, 3:40 PM by Ezra Kenigsberg   [ updated Jul 4, 2015, 6:19 AM ]
Can you help me?

I'm putting together a list of those areas where Salesforce's UI isn't quite as instantaneous as it might appear. I hope the table below is fairly self-explanatory. Contact me if you can think of other areas where Salesforce exhibits delays, or your experience differs. Thanks!


Longest delay I’ve seen Does Salesforce indicate the data is/will be delayed?
Change Set install Installing a Change Set after receiving the "Change Set uploaded" email <5 mins* Yes
Content indexing Searching for Content after uploading it <30 mins No
Content previews Looking at a Content record’s "Preview" pane after uploading it <30 mins Yes
Dashboard recalculation Clicking "Refresh Now" on a Dashboard <10 mins Yes
Forecasting Looking at managers’ summary forecasts immediately after subordinates change their forecasts <5 mins Yes
Import Wizard Uploading records via the Import Wizard <10 mins Yes
Record visibility recalculation Viewing records in a multi-million-record org after deleting and recreating the entire Role Hierarchy <6 hrs** Yes
Replacing a picklist value Using Salesforce's "Find and Replace Picklist" function to replace all occurrences of one picklist value with another a few hours No
Rollup Summary Fields Looking at a RSF’s value after it’s created <5 mins Yes
Sandbox refresh Refreshing and reactivating a Sandbox org <48 hrs Yes 
Search indexing Searching for a record after creating it <5 mins No
Web-to-CaseAuto-matching to a Contact after receiving a Case<5 mins***No
Web-to-Lead Seeing a Lead after a user fills out a web form <5 mins  No
* Andrew Rouse reports seeing delays of up to an hour during the Winter '14 rollout.

*** props to Dan Watt

Thanks to Imran Kabir and Erica Bell for the feedback!