Just gimme the price!

posted Jul 7, 2011, 1:06 PM by Ezra Kenigsberg   [ updated Jul 7, 2011, 8:18 PM ]

#DataTipOfTheDay 2011-07-07

Q: "Why can't I show a Product's Standard List Price directly on the Product record?"

A: Heck if I know. I wrote a workaround: a trigger that writes the Standard Price Book's List Price directly onto the Product record.* There's one version for single-currency orgs, another version for multi-currency orgs. Open source! Share and enjoy!

* IMPORTANT WARNING: this trigger is on PRODUCT, not Pricebook Entry. If you update a List Price in the Standard Pricebook, you then need to update the Product for the new price to appear.

The update can be trivial:
  1. if you're looking at a Product record in the UI, you can click "Edit" and then immediately click "Save".
  2. if you're using Data Loader's Update command, you can provide a CSV that contains a single column of Product IDs.
Thanks to Marleene Nolan for the idea!