Creating a LOT of fields quickly

posted Jan 10, 2011, 7:25 AM by Ezra Kenigsberg   [ updated Aug 23, 2016, 7:58 AM ]

#DataTipOfTheDay 2011-01-10

Q: "How do I create a LOT of new fields quickly?"

A: Three-part answer:
  1. If you know how to use the the IDE*, I've built a Google Spreadsheet that cranks out field XML.
  2. If you're not comfortable using the IDE, slides 7-10 of my 2008 Dreamforce preso, "Wrangle Data and Pump up the Configuration", present a way of working with the UI faster (in a nutshell: makes lots of browser tabs and get good at using Ctrl+Tab). The recording is here (jump to the 11:34 mark).
  3. Special case: if you're building a new object and its fields all at once, you can use Cloud Converter to feed a spreadsheet to an org; the spreadsheet's tabs, columns, and rows will become objects, fields, and records in Salesforce.
* The IDE is a souped-up tool for managing your org's configuration.  It's quite powerful, and I encourage you to try it out!

2016-08-23 Edit: Field Creator is great, too! No copy & paste, alas.