Accessing Campaign Influence records via API

posted Mar 22, 2017, 1:38 PM by Ezra Kenigsberg   [ updated Mar 23, 2017, 10:03 AM ]
Q: "How do I access Campaign Influence records via the API?"

A: Gotta carry out four steps:
  1. Turn on Customizable Campaign Influence.
  2. Assign user(s) the "CRM User" or "Sales Cloud" Permission Set Licence.
  3. Create a Permission Set that includes the "Campaign Influence" App Permission.
  4. Assign user(s) to that Permission Set.
Followup Q: "What does this do for me?"

Followup A: Buncha things.

  • Enables loading "associate this Campaign to this Opty" via the API
  • Enables credit for Campaigns to be broken out in percentages--instead of Primary Campaigns getting 100% credit 
  • On Campaign Page Layout: replaces old "Opportunities" Related List with "Influenced Opportunities" Related List, which shows
    • All influenced Optys, not just Primary Optys
    • Influence (%)
    • Revenue Share ($)
  • On Opty Page Layout: upgrades "Campaign Influence" Related List to show
    • Influence (%)
    • Revenue Share ($)
  • This REMOVES the "Add to Campaign" button from Opportunity's "Campaign Influence" Related List:*
  • This BREAKS the old Related Lists on your Campaign and Opportunity Page Layouts. Follow the steps here to set up the NEW AND IMPROVED Related Lists.
* This can be addressed by creating an unlocked Custom Campaign Influence Model, but that brings its own challenges (most notably, you gotta create homebrew Auto-Assign Rules using Workflow, Flow, Triggers, or--ye gods--Process Builder).