64-bit Excel Connector: Delivered in Winter '12! Wait, what?

posted Nov 8, 2011, 1:30 PM by Ezra Kenigsberg   [ updated Oct 29, 2013, 10:43 AM ]
IdeaExchange informs us that a 64-bit version of Excel Connector was delivered with the Winter '12 release of Salesforce. 

Hey, that's cool! Wait, what?
This version of Excel Connector claims to work with 64-bit versions. Not having a 64-bit version to work with, I can neither confirm nor disconfirm that suspicion.

But in any case, I'm confused.
  • Why does salesforce.com claim to "deliver" a product they disown?
  • And if they delivered it, where did salesforce.com put its download page?
UPDATE 2011-11-08 I'm no longer confused. 

Matt Lamb points out what I should've noticed: clicking the "Merged Ideas" link on the Idea's page shows that salesforce.com delivered a 64-bit-compatible version of "Salesforce for Outlook", not "Excel Connector", and the IdeaExchange folks accidentally merged two distinct ideas. boo.