Assigning Records to Inactive Owners

It is possible to assign records--either new or existing--to inactive Owners.
  • The "Create Audit Fields" BlackTab permission must be activated for the org.  Submit a Case to Support to activate this permission.
  • Such assigning can only be done through the API (for example, using Data Loader).
  • Among standard objects:
    • Accounts, Campaigns, Email Templates, Events, Solutions, and Tasks can be assigned to inactive users.
    • Attachments, Cases, Contacts, Contracts, Documents, Leads, Notes, and Opportunities cannot.
  • Custom objects can be assigned to inactive users.
  • The Opportunity update error interestingly reads "Owner is inactive, cannot reparent the account [sic]"; the errors for the other objects read either read "owner is inactive, cannot reparent record" or "operation performed with inactive user".
Thanks to Dan Bergner for his typo-spotting!