(Free!) Tools for Salesforce Data Geeks

Kudosync 1
Other Kudosync links:
My homebrew ETL tool. It provides a friendly interface that runs multiple data tasks with a single click, automating Data Loader in the background. Kudosync also generates files for running Data Loader from a Command Line. It requires

AdminBooster A command-line console for administering Salesforce. Very exciting!
Apex Data Loaders - Previous Versions Need an old version of Data Loader? Versions 15 through 36 are here, along with a few of the Mac-friendly installers for LexiLoader.
Apex Explorer An earlier version of the Force.com Explorer, which does some things that, strangely, Force.com Explorer can't (specifically, it sees some objects Force.com Explorer doesn't, it enables drilldown, and it runs where sometimes Force.com Explorer crashes). Thanks to Maggie Frederick for the installer!
Boostr for Salesforce Chrome add-in to make admins' life easier with a bunch of features, including
  • a search filter for adding to Change Sets;
  • an underscore eliminator for API Names;
  • a "check all" checkbox for Profile perms;
  • and others!
CLIq CLIq provides a simple wizard for creating configuration files to run Data Loader from the Command Line (go here to use CLIq with OS X or Unix--thanks, Sai Aengareddi!). See also Data Loader Batch and Synchronizer.
Convert CSV to Tab-Separated Values Code for a VBScript utility (easy to create, I promise!) that can convert CSVs to TSVs on a Windows PC.
Convert UI Labels to API Names 1 This tool is handy when planning a design; give it a list of UI Field Labels and it'll generate the API-style Field Names.
CSVed CSV editor with a rich toolset for doing mass updates to CSVs.
CSV Splitter Lightweight tool for doing one thing: splitting a single CSV into multiple CSVs.
Data Loader Batch 1 DOS script that generates a batchfile for running Data Loader from the Command Line. See also CLIq and Synchronizer.
Dataloader.io Cloud-based data loader, no install required. Roger Mitchell says it's best for simple one-time jobs.
Developer Edition If you haven't signed up for a free Developer Edition org, well, what are you waiting for?

It's a Salesforce environment where you can try out new ideas without messing with your Production org or using up one of your Sandbox licenses. Did I mention the "free" part already?
Draggin' Role Utility that makes it easy to (1) view Profiles, Roles, and Users in one screen, and (2) reorganize Roles by clicking-and-dragging. Handy!
Draggin' Role Screenshot
Doc2Salesforce Friendly point-and-click app for loading files to Documents. Doesn't load files to Attachments or Content, alas--but still wonderfully simple.
EasyDescribe Terrific app that fully describes a single object (attributes, fields, field attributes, etc). See also Real Force Explorer and Schema Lister.
Enabler4Excel Free A professional take on Excel Connector, with some great features. The free version is limited to pullling 1000 records at a time (brush up on your LIMIT syntax!)
ExactVLookup 1 2 Simple variation on Excel's VLOOKUP() function that
  1. doesn't return approximate matches and
  2. can look up a value to the left of the column being looked up.
Excel Connector 1 2 My customized version of the Excel Connector; has pretty buttons instead of a menu and a slightly friendlier UI. Enabler4Excel trumps it in most every way (and has a free edition, too).

I understand this version works on 64-bit versions of Windows.

Whichever version you use, you need to install Office Toolkit (or Connect for Outlook) first.
Field Creator Create a bunch of fields at once with this online utility.
Field Trip Determine what percentage of records have a field populated. Can also be run on subsets, eg, "How many of the Contacts created this year have a value in the 'Birthday' field?"
Field Utilities 1 Handy spreadsheet that
  • converts UI Field Labels to API Field Names,
  • generates field XML (see "Field XML Generator" below),
  • changes 15-char IDs to 18-char IDs, and
  • corrects capitalization of mis-capitalized IDs.
Field XML Generator 1 Need to create a bunch of fields? Navigate to the "Generate Field XML" of this spreadsheet to change a list of field labels, types, and names into XML. You can then use the Force.com IDE to create all those fields in one fell swoop. 
FileExporter 1 Script for exporting all Attachments, Content, or Documents from an org. Unzip contents to your hard drive and double-click +FileExporter.bat.

Requires Data Loader.  That's it!

Here's full documentation and troubleshooting tips.
Force.com Explorer Schema browser and SOQL tester; updated version of the oldie-but-goldie Apex Explorer.
Force.com IDE The IDE (integrated development environment) for customizing orgs and writing Visualforce & Apex code. If you create a bunch of fields using the "Generate Field XML" tab of Field Utilities for Salesforce Developers, this is the app you'd use to change that XML into actual fields.
ImpEx v1.2.1 Bulk import/export/delete utility for Attachments. Thanks to Motorola's Vardhan Gupta for pointing it out to me!
Informatica Cloud Data Wizard Data loader installed into one's org. Roger Mitchell recommends it (and Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader) for repetitive data loads or light integration.
Inline Account Hierarchy Cool AppExchange offering that makes it possible to show the entire Account Hierarchy right on the Account Detail page, like this:
Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader Local-install data loader. Roger Mitchell recommends it (and Informatica Cloud Data Wizard) for repetitive data loads or light integration.
Kudozync 1My homebrew ETL tool for Zuora. It provides a friendly interface that runs multiple data tasks with a single click, automating Zuora calls in the background.

It's still quite beta; it doesn't support update calls yet.

It requires a 32-bit flavor of Microsoft Access.
Lightning Account Hierarchy The old Inline Account Hierarchy, now for Lightning
Metaphone for Apex1 Here's the code that enables fuzzy-matching, using the "Metaphone" algorithm. I'm building an app around it now.
Microsoft Power Query for Excel Excel Add-In that enables pulling both table data and report data into an Excel spreadsheet. Limited to 2,000 rows.

(In the ribbon, choose "Power Query|From Online Services|From Salesforce Objects" to get started.)
No Frills Transformation Lightweight transformation engine that can access Salesforce, SQLite, MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server.

Must be configured by customizing XMLs. Installs on both PC and Mac. Haven't used it yet.
Notepad++ Free text editor.  Be honest: how long have you been using TextPad or UltraEdit without paying for a license?
Object Metadata Snapshot Tool Tool that describes Salesforce objects--and stores them in tables in Salesforce! Slow (about 10 min to run), but it's cool to be able to run Reports and Dashboards on metadata.
screenshot of Object Metadata Snapshot Tool
Octopus Dump a ton of data & metadata (fields! Workflow Rules! Report Names! Users!) to a Word doc. Too haphazard for my taste, but YMMV!
Page Layout Template Wanna mock up a quick & dirty Page Layout? Use this Excel spreadsheet.
The Permissioner The Permissioner dramatically reduces the time involved with assigning and revoking permission sets assignments to multiple users. Using a simple interface, administrators can select one or more permission sets to assign to one or more users at a time
Picture Uploader Simple utility that makes it easy to add photos to Contacts.
Preserve CSV Formatting 1 2 My custom add-in that keeps Excel from screwing up your CSVs.

Takes longer to open CSVs; not recommended for files over 5-10 Mb.
Product Entry Screen Make Opportunity Products simpler! Visualforce & Apex code from blogger Michaelforce that simplifies adding Products to Opportunities.

From my non-scientific survey, this is the single most-overridden part of the standard Salesforce interface, and Michael's code is a great replacement OR foundation for further refinements.
Real Force Explorer Browse the Salesforce schema, execute SQL and SOSL, track error logs. I think I'm in love.
Account Fields
Reports for Excel (Pilot) Wanna embed a report in Excel? If you use a PC, you're in luck. Salesforce has replaced "Connect for Office" with this badboy.
Salesforce API Fieldnames Google Chrome plug-in toggles Detail pages between showing UI Field Labels and API Field Names. Clever!
Salesforce NavigatorA Chrome add-in that provides a Searchlight-like way of navigating Salesforce. I LOVE IT.
Salesforce Toolkit Terrific set of admin utilities, including Field CreatorSchema Lister, Switch, and others
Schema Lister List all your org's fields onscreen and export it to an Excel file. Simple and fast, it lists UI Field Label, API Field Name, Type, and Help Text. It'd be nice if it listed some other attributes, like Picklist values or Formulas.
Schema Spy for Salesforce This tool enables you to create Salesforce ERD diagrams, and a full field listing for all objects. Nice!

(Synchronizer lists all fields; click the "View All Object & Field Info" button.)
Selenium A Firefox add-on that works like a macro recorder (that is, I can record a bunch of browser actions, then play them back). Handy for migrating non-metadata configuration like Approval Processes between orgs.

You may also want to watch a Salesforce-specific demo and/or download the slides associated with the demo
Skyvia A cloud-based ETL tool that connects to Salesforce as well as a mess of other data services* and has a reasonably-helpful free (not trial!) edition.

* Bigcommerce, Box, Dropbox, Dynamics CRM, ExactTarget, FreshBooks, FTP, Google Drive, Magento, MailChimp, MySQL, OneDrive, PostgreSQL, QuickBooks, SFTP, SQL Server, Sugar CRM, and Zoho CRM
SoqlXplorer Schema browser and SOQL tester for Macs
SQLForce Enables SQL-like extensions for SOQL that can be run from a command line prompt or in Jython (Java for Python) code. Run SELECT DISTINCT, UNION SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, or DELETE statements. Cool!

I created a simple batchfile to launch it for me with a little help; tweak it if you don't install SQLForce to C:\Program Files\salesforce.com\SQLForce.
Turn on & off Validation Rules, Workflow, Processes, and Triggers from a single control panel. WOW.
Switch UI
Synchronizer The old version of Kudosync. It requires
Talend Open Studio FREE integration tool that works with Salesforce. Haven't gotten it to work yet, and I've pretty much given up, sigh. Appirio wrote up a walkthrough for exporting data with Talend.
Ultra FieldHistory TrackerFrustrated by the Field-History-per-Object limits? Use this FREE utility to extend that number. Works on any Object that supports Triggers.
Universal Picklists Define a picklist once, use it in multiple places. If this works right (I haven't tried it yet), it addresses one of the the oldest feature requests EVAR.
User Access Visualizer Cool tool for seeing all the permissions (from both Profiles and Permission Sets) a given user has in Salesforce. Adam Torman wrote up step-by-step install instructions.
Workbench Ridonkulously versatile power tool for Salesforce administrators. Supports SOQL and SOSL queries, shows metadata for all objects, supports API data calls, runs Apex code, and can deploy configuration XML. Among many other things I don't exactly know how to properly use yet.
Zapier Tool that automates workflow between apps ("when I receive a Gmail with this subject line, create a new Lead in Salesforce"). Has a free edition. Haven't messed with it yet.
1 Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.


2 I recommend installing XLAs to
  • C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART (for Win7 and Win8) and
  • C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART (for Win XP).
XLAs in that directory automatically open when I start Excel. I created a subdirectory called "Inactive" that I move my XLAs into when I want to deactivate them.

I don't know what the corresponding directory is for Mac yet--let's see how long it takes for a Mac user to read this footnote and drop me a line and let me know what it is (I'm writing these words on February 27th, 2011). Thanks to Steven Frers for the Win7 info!